WAX HANDS is an INTERNATIONAL INTERACTIVE experience that we have introduced in India under the brand name of ‘Wax Hand Wizards’. This activity is an engaging/fun activity and is seen at all the MADAME TUSSAUDS WAX MUSEUMS over the world. This engaging activity is carried at Birthday Parties, Social & Corporate events. Wax Hands are same size Wax Sculptures of your own hands created in different Shapes & Colors.

The USP of this activity is that the kids and guests get involved in creating the sculpture of their own hands and they get to take it home as a return gift! The fascinating 4-minute fun process involves holding your hand in a gesture & dipping them in our specially formulated wax to create a beautiful sculpture that is then colored with colors of your choice. All materials used by us are totally safe for all age groups. ‘Wax Hand Wizards Delhi’ is a licensed franchise of the ‘Wax Hand Wizards’.