Sugar Strings produce the flavorsome, fluffiest and freshest cotton candy and is proud to bring you the premium Connoisseur Cotton Candy. We are here to usher back your precious classic childhood memories with our unique cotton candy made with the superior quality natural ingredients. A fresh hand spun cotton candy is made with the blend of sugar and the flavor you choose. Our natural exotic flavors are Berry Strawberry, Juicy Lychee, Pan Masala, Delish Blueberry, Orange Crush, Snowy Vanilla, Lemony Lemon, Tempting Jamun and many more. It’s natural and gluten free.

This fluffy treat is for everyone and loved by all at Birthday Parties, Social Events, Weddings, Baby Showers, Get-together Parties, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, Fests and Carnivals. Celebrate every occasion and make your event more special with us.